Your benefits at a glance

  • Innovative frame-based lateral tilt helps turn the patient gently with less physical effort.
  • Reduces stress and strain on caregivers.
  • Simplified turning can reduce patient discomfort.
  • Can reduce the number of caregivers required for turning and improve efficiency.
  • Foot pedal controls for lateral tilt increase efficiency and leave the caregivers hands-free for patient care.
  • Siderails: Reduced side space needed for siderails release, smooth release by the SoftDrop mechanism.
  • i-Brake®The automatic brake reduces falls caused by the unstable bed, especially during bed exit.
  • SafeStop®Reduces collision hazards when lowering bed.
  • Multizone bed exit alarm: Improved fall prevention by monitoring the patient’s motion and location in the bed. Automatic alarm reset if patient returns to selected zone and helps to reduce alarm fatigue.
  • i-Drive Power®The intelligent accelerator matches the drive speed in different drive situations. Safety Sense® control avoids the risk of accidental activation or misuse.
  • Control Lock Out: Individual functions like bed height can be locked in position and not moved by the patient.

Eleganza 5 incorporates three innovative features to advance patient mobilization. Together they improve safety and comfort for the patient and the caregiver.

  • Mobi-Lift®: The only sit-to-stand device that involves the patient in early mobilization.
  • MobiRails: Ergonomically shaped handles in siderails.
  • Lateral Tilt: Tilting improves the angle of the pelvis to assist in standing.
  • Trendelenburg Position: Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg angles of +/- 14 degrees.
  • Vascular Position: Easily raise feet to manage edema and improve comfort.
  • Full Vascular Position: Improve access for skin inspection & wound care in the heel area.
  • Passive Leg Raise (PLR): Facilitates the diagnostic procedure.
  • Fowler Position 30/30 with Ergoframe®: Better pressure distribution for skin to help minimize friction and shear during thighrest and backrest elevation.
  • Cardiac Chair Position: Provides patients an orthopneic position to ease respiration and is a comfortable option for activities like eating, reading or watching television.
  • Smart technology and bed connectivity for improved communication.
  • USB Charger: The patient has easy access to a USB charger for mobile phones and other devices.


Instructions for Use for Eleganza 5
2023-06-07 Instructions for Use for Eleganza 5 in English US in Linet design



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