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Integrated controls
With the integrated control elements in both upper siderails, the caregiver has direct access to all functions and adjustment options of the bed.

Hands-free strategy
The bed’s height adjustment and and patient examination position can be set by the foot controls, allowing the nurse's hands to be free to care for the patient.

One-button philosophy
The control board is easy to access and very simple to manage. Most of the positioning and emergency functions are set at the touch of one button.

Cardiac Chair
This position helps patients suffering from respiratory disorders and assists the functions of the cardiovascular system. It brings patients comfort when reading and eating.

Greater Independence
The patient has immediate access to two separate controls for basic bed positioning. There are integrated controls in the siderails and a separate patient control that can be suspended on the siderails.

Integrated Scales
The measurement of the patient’s current weight can be performed comfortably and without stress for both - patient and nursing staff - and without additional risks of patient movement.

Thanks to the X-ray transparent mattress platform and special bed construction, X-rays can be taken without any need for the physical handling of the patient.

i-Drive Power
The integrated, motorized 5th castor and patient transport system minimizes staff assistance in pushing the bed. The risks in bed patient transport are increased for maximum safety and convenience.

The automatic brake can help to prevent falls caused by an unstable bed, especially during bed exit.

Bed Exit Alarm
The system monitors the patient’s movement on the bed and bed exit. It can be set in two modes depending on the patient’s demand and mobility.

The Siderails Concept
The siderails concept and height optimizes special patient needs, such as the usage of different passive and active mattress systems, entrapment risk and fall prevention.

Night light
This light function supports a better patient orientation at night and can provide a feeling of safety.

30° and 45° stop
The backrest stops automatically at 30 and 45 degrees. Utilizing the Fowler position can improve respiration.

The obstacle detection system stops the bed platform automatically when moving to the lowest position to prevent entrapment.

EMR ready
The Eleganza 4 is technologically equipped to communicate with hospital information systems.

The Ergoframe®
The Ergoframe system creates more space under the patient's pelvis and reduces shear and friction forces caused by patient migration to the foot of the bed.

The wide range of the passive, hybrid and active LINET mattress portfolio supports individual patient needs regarding pressure injury prevention and therapy. 


The Mobilization
The Eleganza 4 encourages active patient participation in mobilization to increase patient independence.

  • Siderails - active support
  • Mobi-Lift® – individual support
  • Exit height - safe and comfortable

Mobi-Lift handrail
The Mobi-Lift is used to firmly support the patient when sitting or exiting the bed. The patient can raise the bed for an easy sit-to-stand transfer using the up or down button in addition to the ergonomic handrail resulting in less caregiver strain.

The comprehensive bed platform of Eleganza 4 allows you to customize the right bed for the specific needs of each environment. Different features of the Eleganza 4's open architecture can meet your demanding clinical environment and the need to control costs.

  • Eleganza 4 Care BASIC
  • Eleganza 4 Care STANDARD
  • Eleganza 4 Care ADVANCED

Technical features

Technical parameters

External dimension

86.2 x 39.4 in

Bed extension

8.7 in

Mattress dimensions

81.9 x 35.4 in

Siderails Height above Mattress Platform

17.7 in

Height adjustment

16 - 32 in

TR/ATR tilt


Backrest angle


Thighrest angle


Safe working load

551 lb

Maximum patient weight

500 lb


Instructions for Use for Eleganza 4
2023-06-07 Instructions for Use for Eleganza 4 in English US, English CANADA in Linet design



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