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A simple one-handed swivel mechanism not only allows the section to quickly rotate away from the patient, but it also eliminates the need of lifting a heavy foot section off of the bed.  The swivel foot section also enhances caregiver safety and infection control due to the fact that it never detaches from the bed.

The innovative seat section allows for quick configuration and new positioning options for caregivers and patients.

Siderails have integrated controls for both patient and caregiver that easily rotate down for patient transfer or access.

Integrated control panel with clear graphics allow for simple operation by patient and caregiver.


1. High and Tilt Adjustment
2. Trendelenburg Position
3. Under Bed Light
4. Nurse Call

Innovative column design allows for both a low height for patient egress and greater height for improved caregiver access during procedures.

The AVE 2 was developed with clean-ability in mind. The compact column construction and the smooth seamless cover of the bed allow for quicker and more efficient cleaning. The mattress design makes removal easy and efficient for the staff. In conjunction with the design, the bed is coated in epoxy powder coated paint which is durable and resistant to corrosion.

Integrated easy-to-use leg rests allow the care team to quickly maneuver and adjust based on the patient’s needs. The leg rests double as both foot rests and leg rests.  These features allow for maximum patient comfort while allowing the caregiver full access.


Instructions for Use for AVE 2
2023-03-22 Instructions for Use for AVE 2 in English US in Linet design
User manual AVE 2
2021-12-03 User Manual for AVE 2 in ENGLISH_US language and BORCAD design



Brochure -AVE 2 - English US

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