LINET Multicare Bed technology


Since LINET’s inception in 1990, it has been an innovator in healthcare bed technology. In the March issue of HCB News, the article, The humble hospital bed joins the ranks of smart medical devices, highlights LINET beds for not only taking the responsibility of providing patient comfort, but also ensuring patient safety, caregiver safety and improving patient outcomes.

Andrew Aitken, LINET Americas’ Director of Marketing and Product Management, speaks of the innovative ways in which LINET beds impact patient care that is being provided. Andrew stated, “…manufacturers are including technology to address issues such as comfort, ease of use and delivery of care.” Additionally, he stated, “Hospitals and all healthcare have begun to ask more of the equipment… Slowly, manufacturers are responding to the need to care not only for patients but also for the caregivers.”

Technology continues to integrate itself into the LINET hospital bed via EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems, frame based lateral tilting, USB charging stations, automatic braking systems, and automatic continuous lateral therapy.

According to Andrew, as IT and nursing staff work more closely together, beds will become even more of an active player on the interconnected hospital front. Their improved interaction will give rise to analyzing the data collected or utilizing the sensor data in unique ways.

Andrew provided an excellent example from a recent facility he was helping. He stated, “Nurses worked with the IT staff to develop a workflow and reminder utilizing the turn sensor data from the LINET beds to document not only if the turn was done, but the direction and degree of the turn.”

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To read the full article, The humble hospital bed joins the ranks of smart medical devices, go to the HCB News March issue.

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