Perfectly suitable for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum; the revolutionary design of the AVE 2 helps bring a new level of comfort and efficiency to every phase of childbirth. The AVE 2 has many features that help make the birthing process easier for both the mother and the healthcare staff. Thanks to the superbly designed operational features and the broad range of birthing positions the mother has the ability to choose a labor and delivery method that best suits her.

The innovative AVE 2 birthing bed is exceptional in many respects, not least of which is its sophisticated design. It helps make the mother-to-be feel comfortable and safe and enables caregivers to provide easier assistance, thus facilitating care during all stages of childbirth,” said Colin Bain, President and CEO of LINET Americas. “We are very excited to help enhance the experience of bringing new lives into the world.”

Since positioning and access to the mother are so important during childbirth, LINET developed a bed that was adaptable while focusing on the mother’s comfort. The unique telescopic column construction of the bed makes it adjustable for any situation. An independent pelvic tilting function gives the obstetrician/midwife the perfect vantage point throughout the birthing process.

Many of the bed’s features attest to the dedication LINET has to help improve the birthing experience. One of the most novel features is the one-touch, foot section swivel mechanism that allows for easy and immediate access to the expected newborn. 

“This is the smoothest gliding, easiest to manage foot section design I’ve ever experienced in my 28 years in the industry,” stated Donna S. Krakow, RN, BSN and Perinatal Nurse. “I am so excited to see LINET continue to bring innovative products to market.”

The new birthing bed form LINET has already received high remarks recently winning a prestigious design award – Red Dot Award 2017. The bed was judged by dozens of product design experts and took the top award in the medical furniture category.

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Founded in 1990, LINET is an international leader in healthcare technology with patient beds installed in over 100 countries. LINET offers a new and unique approach to the hospital bed market. LINET manufacturers innovative beds for the ICU and Medical-Surgical environments that promote patient and nurse safety, facilitate early mobilization, assist in better adherence to turning schedules, improve pain management and help reduce infection rates. LINET beds also come with an unprecedented 5-year warranty. The company’s U.S. headquarters is based in Charlotte, N.C. Please visit 
http://www.linetamericas.com for more information.

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