The jury was in particular convinced by the visionary strategy and by the innovative thinking underpinning the whole concept of the Tom 2. The bed has also created an entirely new category of beds for the field of pediatrics. “The ‘little Tom’ is equipped with sophisticated technologies made by LINET and is intended for children in intensive care. It utilizes LINET's innovative columns for easy electrical positioning, and also features telescopic side rails and transparent bed ends allowing for full access to the patient,” explained LINET Group brand manager Michaela Domerecká. “In addition, the friendly design complements everything else. It has a positive effect on both the children in the beds and their parents,” she added.

The Plus X Award has been recognizing innovative products with exceptional added value (the X factor) since 2004 and among the winners are brands with a world-wide reputation, such as Electrolux, Opel, Toyota and Deuter. The Tom 2 bed was selected for its high production quality, ease of use, ergonomics and functionality.

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