So who am I? I have been an intensive care nurse for over 10 years. I obtained my first degree in nursing from the University of West Alabama. I have since completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and am currently working on a Master’s Degree in Health Care Systems Management from Loyola University New Orleans. I am currently employed by the VA Hospital System. I have spent more than seven years in the private sector working in adult medical intensive care, cardiac intensive care, and burn intensive care. This area of practice keeps me engaged and abreast with new advancements in health care. Most of my 12 hour days are spent providing patient care. As taxing as it is, I am provided the opportunity to see the outcome of my efforts.

I began using the Multicare bed long before I became a clinical consultant for LINET. To date, I have been using the Multicare bed for approximately 18 months. On top of my nursing job, I travel around the country to assist and train other nurses on LINET’s products. I am very fortunate to be in the position to share my real life experiences with clients. I tell every skeptic, and yes we all know they are out there, that this product is a game changer.

From a caregiver’s perspective, there is absolutely no reason not to love the Multicare bed. As an ICU nurse I cannot believe the difference this product has made in the way I do my job. I live by a motto, “work smart and not hard.” We have the tools to work smart here at LINET. There are many functions of the Multicare bed that I put into use on a daily basis, but I get the most use from the turn assist and Mobi-lift stand assist functions. As I mentioned earlier, I work in the VA System, which is a predominately male population. The majority of my patients are overweight and struggle with mobility. We are all aware that most facilities, mine included, are running short on staff and ancillary resources. This leaves the primary caregiver to shoulder the bulk of the work. We are lifting and moving more with less assistance. Mobilizing with a built in “cane-like” device makes life easier for the patient as well. In addition to the physical ease that these features present, having them available also prevents additional delays in patient care. No longer are we waiting for help from someone to assist, but we are doing more with what we have to work with. What more can you ask for? Another benefit of the Multicare bed is a function called lateral tilt, where the entire platform turns with the push of a button. Having the ability to assist my patients in a turn with the lateral tilt function has made life easier for me. I no longer need multiple nurses to help turn a patient, I can use gravity to do it myself.

I have never been the person to jump on board with just any product, but when presented with the opportunity to join the clinical team here at LINET, I was all in! When I am not in the hospital using the Multicare bed with patients, I am on the road sharing the knowledge about LINET products. I knew that I had the hands-on experience with this product and could offer a story to change the way caregivers do their job. I also knew LINET had the product to back it up. I am thrilled to continue to educate my fellow nurses on this incredible technology!

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