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Multicare Bed – Free Trial

Evaluate LINET’s most innovative high acuity critical care bed, in your hospital and see how it, together with your Early Mobilization program, can increase productivity and patient care. The Multicare bed free trial includes:

  • Bed installation
  • Staff training on bed features
  • 30 days of Multicare bed usage
  • Consultation on LINET’s Early Mobilization Program
  • No commitments of purchasing after the trial
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Multicare bed

The Multicare intensive care and critical care bed is an ideal solution for the demanding intensive care environment. The solution can help to improve the early mobilization process, assist in the recovery process of intensive care patients and make caregiving less strenuous and more productive.

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See how a licensed therapist incorporates the Multicare bed's features to enhance patient therapy.

Early Mobilization with LINET helps you with your daily work

Support for prevention, therapy and diagnostics

Micro-shifting and Automatic Lateral Therapy are unique features of the LINET Multicare bed. Using the Multicare bed can assist therapists and nurses to be more effective in their daily work. Hemodynamic instability may cause a delay or omission in turning, repositioning and other interventions that advance patient mobility. This in turn may contribute to the formation of pressure injuries and lead to a higher risk of VAP. Micro-shifting technology and Automatic Lateral Therapy can be an effective supporting solution for reducing these complications. Moreover, special features of the OptiCare active air mattress recommended for LINET intensive care beds include microclimate management and can also assist in the prevention of pressure injuries.

Reduction in nurses’ workloads

While developing our products, we not only think about patients, but also place great emphasis on the development of features that would ease the work of hospital staff. Special Multicare bed functions, such as Mobi-Lift® and Lateral tilt, assist in increasing patient independence and can influence the risk of injury among healthcare workers - especially back injuries. Check our studies that show that using lateral-tilt functions can reduce the risk of injury among hospital staff who help patients move from a sitting to standing position.

Shorter intensive care stay

Special features of the Multicare bed by LINET, in combination with the Early Mobilization program, can reduce the bedrest time of intensive care and critical care patients. With the LINET bed, mobilization can begin earlier, depending on the patient’s individual condition. The bed can be an effective aid for nurses and physical therapists, due to its many advanced functions such as micro-shifting, ALT, 30°HOB, Reverse Trendeleburg, etc. Therapists also use and recommend the use of the Multicare bed as a treatment table. Learn more information about LINET’s Early Mobilization program in our brochure.

Improved patient safety and comfort

Patient mobilization is a demanding and often long-term process. Although mobilization is essential for the patient’s faster recovery, it is associated with many risks, particularly patient falls. Special Multicare functions, such as Mobi-Lift® and lateral tilt, reduce the effort of bed exiting by 50% and, therefore, have an impact on patient safety. Special moving and handling techniques, as a part of an Early Mobilization program, assist in reducing risks.

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