The LINET Americas Story

They say a journey of 1,000 miles must begin with one step, one action. In our case, the journey began with the purchase of a simple farmhouse, which lay in ruin, 4600 miles from Charlotte. This is the story of LINET Americas and the journey from our humble beginnings…


More than a Sales Rep

It’s crazy to think how taking one small, or for me- (large) leap of faith can change your future in a significant way. I had been in the medical sales industry for about 5 years when I found out about the new innovative bed company in the US market. Time sure does fly…


The Linet Service Team - First Responders

We take great pride in our products here at LINET. Companies can speak and sell on quality, but at LINET we have confidence that our products are top of the line. Even our customers rave about the quality of our beds:


What Matters Most

From its inception, LINET Americas made a commitment, not simply to provide improved patient care products and services, but also to establish a formal corporate social responsibility program. What Matters Most is LINET Americas’ formal corporate social responsibility…


Meet the Clinical Team

At LINET, we take a collaborative approach to meeting your clinical needs. Our goal is to make sure that our technology enhances your patient care. The clinicians on our team strive to make sure that your staff is fully knowledgeable about the bed technology and how it…


There is a Rose That Grows

There Is A Rose That Grows There is a rose that grows in No man’s land She is beautiful to see .She is the one red rose a sick man knows ,She is the work of the master’s hand. Through my life’s great curse stood a smiling Nurse , She is the rose of No man’s land …. –…