2018 ANCC Magnet


Visit LINET at 2018 ANCC Magnet

LINET is happy to be exhibiting at the 2018 ANCC National Magnet Conference in Denver, Colorado, October 24 – 26, 2018.


LINET President & CEO Featured on At Home with Roby

Colin Bain, President and CEO of LINET Americas, is featured on this week's At Home with Roby radio talk show on 1110 WBT.  


5 Ways to Improve Your Shift

Shift work in a hospital or a similar setting can present unique challenges, to say the least. Staying focused is important, because when you’re tired and distracted, nurse safety and patient safety can be affected. And it can be even more challenging when your shifts…


Tips and Tricks for Couples With Opoosite Work Schedules

A few months ago, you began working the night shift at “your hospital.” Your new job excites, challenges and fulfills you. Unfortunately, you’re struggling with having a work schedule that’s the opposite of your partner’s day shift. (And you thought you’d get all that…


Halloween Spooks for Working on October 31

Few people will name a hospital or other care facility as the place they want to be on Halloween. However, the day doesn’t have to be filled with drudgery. Of all the holidays, Halloween is the one that nurses can play around with the most. And there are so many ways…


Just Getting Started: Celebrating Five Years Strong

My time at LINET has been extremely gratifying as I engage with nurses and administrators who seek value in clinically based solutions for the challenges they face with immobile patients. To watch someone’s face light up when they see Lateral Tilt turn assist for the…