Your benefits at a glance

  • Innovative top rail roller bar technology replaces the need for an enclosed canopy
  • Top rail roller bar, telescopic siderails, bed exit alarm and low bed height work together as part of a fall prevention protocol to provide maximum patient safety
  • Built-in scale allows the caregiver to monitor the patient’s weight, even while they are sleeping
  • Multi-zone bed exit alarm helps monitor the patient's position and protect against patient falls
  • Telescopic siderails with five height positions provide a customizable solution for safe and easy access to the child
  • Siderail door allows easy access to pumps and lines when the patient is sleeping
  • Transparent, removable bed ends provide visibility and 360 degree access to the patient
  • Smooth and quiet autoregression maintains a safe in-bed environment for the patient as the backrest is raised and lowered
  • Fully electric positioning allows the caregiver to easily raise the bed to an ergonomic position for providing care and lower the bed to a safe height for the patient
  • Transparent bed ends provide the patient with a full view of their surroundings, allowing parents and caregivers to have unobstructed visibility of the child
  • Fully electric functionality allows caregivers to quietly operate the bed without disturbing the child
  • Colorful designs reflect the playful world of children and enhance the experience for the patient



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