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Safer care

Products designed for patient and caregiver safety



LINET prioritizes safety in each product design, which focuses not only on a high level of patient safety but also on protecting the caregiver.


At LINET, creativity and innovation are paramount to everything we do. The design of our beds came from over 100 nurses’ feedback to drive a fresh perspective to new products. Simply put, our beds are designed for nurses, by nurses.


LINET beds feature technologies not otherwise seen in the market. Driving technological advances forward to meet growing market demands is what we do best.

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I found the beds to be extremely helpful with patient care, especially the tilt option when turning.

Jennnifer J.

I not only looked at it, but I took it apart to find something wrong with it, and I could not. From that point on I was sold on the LINET bed.

Don C. Skylakes Medical Center

My patients are so much more comfortable when we turn them this way, instead of tugging and pulling on them.

After two back surgeries, the LINET bed was a welcome relief.

The staff are beginning to “drool” over this amazing bed, realize it’s benefit to their patients and themselves.

Debra M.

The LINET bed reduces the number of nurses required to turn patients.

If you make a large bed standardization and you don’t consider LINET, you’re probably making a mistake. If value is anywhere in your equation and decision making, you need to be talking to LINET.

Kerry Vermillion Baptist Healthcare
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